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I know that the famous glove is going to be ITV, and that is quite an achievement for any item of clothing but I feel like it has got quite enough attention so I have decided to highlight another positive achievement that was announced recently.

Unfortunately when I was at school I was far too concerned with trying to be broody and mysterious* to sign up for the DofE - or Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. For those with a more mature sensibility however, the DofE is a great use of time and this has been cemented at the AXE Valley Academy, as they are now a Licensed Centre Certificate.

Students will now have easier access to the scheme, which should help to encourage more young adults to get involved; and I would encourage them to do so. Many friends of mine reminisce fondly of their time doing the various stages of the DofE and their anecdotes are much more interesting than my ‘I used to hang round outside this little newsagent…’ tales.

The DofE is broken into volunteering, physical, skills, expeditions and residential all of which allow the participants to experience and develop eclectic life skills, confidence and to get exposure to new and different people – which can only be a positive use of time. It is also useful for applications to further education and first career steps as it can show the ability to commit to something and see it through, and a willingness to embrace and learn new things.

Like many schemes aimed at helping young people, one of the most difficult boundaries to overcome is that of exposure which is now one less issue for the pupils of Axminster academy – and one they will know how to deal with if they complete their first aid certificate!

*Did I say broody and mysterious? I meant moody and with poor fashion sense. Naturally.